1. Attach the mount block to the bow using the provided No.10-24 screws and the included 3mm wrench.
  1. Insert the extension bar and tighten the knob to secure the sight body.
For RC PRO, the extension can be adjusted front and back with a spacing of 12.7mm.
For RC III, CPX III, DC, the extension can be adjusted front and back with a spacing of 12mm.
  1. Unscrew the cap screw (AR-8) with a 3mm wrench to adjust the mounting position of the elevation bar up and down at 9mm intervals. Install it at a position suitable for your bow or the shooting distance you typically use.
  1. Loosen the bracket with a 3mm wrench using the cap screw (AR-8) to tilt the elevation bar left and right (first axis adjustment). Adjust it to be parallel to the string, and then tighten it again.
  1. Insert the sight block from the bottom of the elevation bar. While firmly pressing the release lever (UL-10), insert it completely.

Adjustment Method

Adjustment Method

  1. Turning the elevation dial (ULT-6) in the “UP” direction moves the sight pin up. Turning it in the “DOWN” direction moves it down. One full rotation of the dial equals approximately 1mm (1/24 inch) = one scale mark. Each click moves approximately 0.05mm (0.002 inches). One rotation consists of 20 clicks.
  1. Turning the windage dial (ULT-3) in the “IN” direction causes the sight pin to retract into the block and move to the right (for right-handed use). Turning the windage dial “OUT” causes the sight pin to extend from the block and move to the left (for right-handed use). One full rotation of the dial equals approximately 0.8mm (1/32 inch). Each click moves approximately 0.04mm (0.0016 inches). One rotation consists of 20 clicks.
  1. Loosen the sight pin stopper (URP-9) by turning it counterclockwise to be able to adjust the sight pin itself and move it left or right more coarsely.
  1. While pressing the release lever, move the sight block up or down to make coarse vertical adjustments to the sight pin.

Sight Pin Replacement

  1. Loosen the cap screw counterclockwise to remove it.

Note: When removing the cap screw, be careful not to lose the taper washer. Keep both the cap screw and the taper washer secure.

  1. Unscrew the sight pin counterclockwise to remove it.

Note: When removing the sight pin, be cautious not to lose the sight pin stopper.

  1. Set the sight pin stopper in the windage slider and screw in the replacement sight pin clockwise.
  1. Pass the sight pin through the windage dial.
  1. Screw the sight pin back in, aligning its center with the same position as before replacement. Reattach the washer and cap screw securely. Tighten the cap screw firmly.
Note: After replacing the sight pin, always perform a test shot from a close distance to ensure it aligns with the previous impact position. If there is any deviation, adjust the windage dial or the sight pin itself to align with the previous position.

X-LOCK System Adjustment Method

The X-LOCK system, adopted in SHIBUYA sights, is a distinctive mechanism designed to allow smooth and stable movement with minimal play. The adjustment mechanism is usually fixed in place and does not require regular adjustments. However, prolonged use or external factors may cause an increase in the gaps in the moving parts. A significant gap in the moving parts can lead to vibration noise from the windage block during shooting.
If you observe such an issue, you can readjust using the following method:
  1. Attach the windage block to the elevation bar.
  2. Tighten the four screws shown in the image until they reach the stopping point, being mindful of using the same rotation count for each screw.
  3. Once the block is tightened and no longer movable, loosen the screws by the same rotation count (1/4 turn each).
  4. Adjust the rotation count for loosening until you achieve the desired tightness for the vertical movement of the windage block.

Safety Precautions

  • SHIBUYA products are designed and manufactured with safety considerations. However, some parts may have sharp edges. Please handle with caution.
  • To ensure a comfortable experience, inspect the following items before and after shooting.
    1. Is the bow securely attached?
    2. Are the knobs tightened properly?
    3. Are there any loose screws?
    4. Is there any abnormality in the movement of the movable parts?
  • If any abnormalities are found during the inspection, discontinue use and consult the place of purchase.
  • After use, be sure to wipe off any moisture and dry the sight in a low humidity environment, especially if used in rain or snow.
  • SHIBUYA sights can be used on bows with two mounting screw holes, size No.10-24, spaced 33.3mm apart.
  • When attaching to the bow, always use the included No.10-24 screws.
  • For recurve sights, the compatible aperture thread size is No.8-32.
  • For compound sights, the compatible scope thread size is No.10-32.
  • Deformation or damage caused by overtightening or applying excessive force on the screws is not covered under warranty. Always use the included hex wrenches to avoid exerting excessive force on the screws.
  • To prevent damage or malfunction, please follow the instructions and warnings in this user manual.


X-LOCK Parts Replacement

X-LOCK Parts

Click Ball Replacement

Click Ball

Jump Lever Replacement

Jump Lever

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