A fusion of 90t Ultra-High Modulus carbon and proprietary damping composite technology. Everything about VANQUISH is redesigned from the ground up, from the carbon pipe to the bushing ferrules.

A Fusion of ultra-high modulus 90t carbon and viscoelastic composite technology

Super high modulus 90t carbon, even stronger than the 60t carbon used in the MZS, is strategically integrated in the carbon layup.  Using proprietary viscoelastic vibration damping composite technology, we have achieved high rigidity and high vibration damping properties simultaneously by sandwiching the vibration damping material between the carbon layers. 

A 16mm diameter, combined by completely redesigned bushing ferrules, achieves the highest rigidity ever in a SHIBUYA stabilizer.
VANQUISH provides an incredibly quiet and stable shooting experience, owing to advancements in both the material and structural aspects.

Newly developed bushings for increased rigidity

Instead of the 70mm bushing used in the PRIMUS stabilizer, VANQUISH uses a new 100mm bushing developed specifically for it. This further increases the rigidity and prevents the bushing from coming loose, which is more common on high-weight setups.

Standard equipped with disc weights as standard

Each VANQUISH stabilizer includes the brand-new SHIBUYA disc weight set (7oz).  This set includes 4oz, 2oz, and 1oz weights, allowing for fine weight adjustments. By adding additional weights, VANQUISH can support weight settings in excess of 20 oz. This allows for unlimited customization to fit each archer’s shooting style.

Spec Table

Lengths 33" / 30”/ 15" / 12"
Mass Weight 33":approx.151g / 30":approx.145g
15":approx.88g / 12":approx.78g
Outer Diameter of Carbon Pipe 16mm diameter
Compatible thread sizes Bow 5/16-24 minimum thread depth 12㎜
V-Bar 5/16-24 minimum thread depth 12㎜
Weights 5/16-24
Material Bushing 2000 series Aluminum
Pipe Pitch-based 90t high modulus carbon fiber (Vibration dampening material blended into the entire length )
Color Matte Black
Release Date 2024
Included Accessories Disc Weights 7oz(4oz, 2oz, 1oz)
Stabilizer thread: 5/16-24(1", 0.5”)
Stabilizer Bag

Stabilizer & V-Bar

Product development

VANQUISH is a side product of the development process for the PRIMUS stabilizer, released a year prior. Our initial development goal was only one model, however, during our testing we arrived at the conclusion that it could not cover all segments of the market. Therefore, we started developing an additional model from scratch, from the diameter to the carbon construction.
Just like PRIMUS, we went through multiple prototypes, fine tuning the carbon sheet configuration and even customizing the bushing shape, arriving at a construction even more sophisticated than the PRIMUS stabilizer. VANQUISH is highly rigid and highly specialized, providing the ultimate shooting experience for users desiring a stiff rod with a high amount of weight on the ends. 



First time I felt that the ‘Vibration Dampening’ actually does something!

Perfect stiffness - Stiff but not obnoxiously so.