Attaching to SHIBUYA sight series.

Fit a Balance Plate in the dent of the Scope Housing firmly. No.10-32×20mm Low Head Bolt SUS Stud and 10-32 Washer as shown.


Fasten stud using a Hex Key to affix to Scope Holder.

Fasten until attached vertically to Scope Holder.

Attaching to Other Brands

Sights featuring a non- threaded scope rod holder ending in two parallel planes 5/16″ (7.94mm) apart.

Fit a Balance Plate in the dent of Scope Housing firmly. Insert No.10-32×63.5mm Low Head Bolt SUS and 10-32 Washer as shown.

Fix to scope rod holder and tighten with a 3/32″ hex key and a spanner.

Fasten until attached vertically to scope rod holder.

Left-handed use ※Scope is configured for right-handed use.

❶Remove the two Level Locking Screws with a properly sized Phillips head driver. Proceed to remove the Level Vial.

❷Affix one of the Level Locking Screws to the threaded hole on the opposite side of the scope housing and tighten about two turns.
※ In case you are unable to fit the screw to the hole, please abort procedure and consult your local archery pro shop. to scope or level.

❸Insert Level as shown in illustration

❹Place the second Level Locking Screws in the appropriate threaded hole, and fasten about two turns.
❺Fasten both Level Locking Screws evenly to finish procedure.
※Do not overtighten as it may result in damage.

❻ Refer to illustration for proper orientation when attaching to your sight of choice

Adjustment Method

Adjustment of Gravity Shift 

Attachement is adjustable conforming to the installation of your scope. Please use by adjusting the setting with Balance Plate.

Safety Precautions

・Shibuya products are designed and manufactured with utmost care for safety. However, due to the nature of this product, certain parts contain sharp edges. Please use caution when handling them. 
・If used in rain or otherwise exposed to moisture, use a soft cleaning cloth to wipe off excess moisture, and let dry in a place with low humidity.
・Damage resuting from overtightening screws, or attempting to tighten them in a position other than the intended use is not covered by warranty. 
・Please use only SHIBUYA Fiber and Fiber Tube for replacement.

Parts List and Diagrams