A new chapter in the history of the world’s most popular Target Recurve Sight.


A new chapter in the history of the world’s most popular Target Recurve Sight.
The brand new ULTIMA RCIII Target Recurve Sight combines the proven features of the ULTIMA RCII and ULTIMA RC PRO sights to deliver a premium, yet affordable competition package.

Reduced mass weight and fine-tuned weight distribution

Weight is an important factor when competitive archers choose a new sight. The ULTIMA RCIII sight weighs in at 211g (7.4oz). Since the bulk of the weight reduction is located at the target side, it feels even lighter once mounted on the bow.

Redesigned Sight Pin Locker

ULTIMA RCIII features a redesigned sight pin locker with a tool-less thumb screw. Enjoy an effortless shooting experience that not only improves usability, but cuts down on the time needed for adjustments by eliminating the hex wrench for adjustments.

Sight Scale Plates

Both sides of ULTIMA RIII’s elevation bar feature metal sight scale plates. Each ULTIMA RCIII includes a standard scale plate, as well as a blank plate for a printed tape. Left and right are interchangeable, to fit any archer’s preferred shooting style.

Ambidextrous Mount

ULTIMA RCIII’s brand-new, lightweight ambidextrous mount moves the sight further out from the sight window, resulting in less rear overhang from even the slimmest risers.

Pressure-insert drive shaft dampening system

Improving on the original ULTIMA RC’s drive shaft support, the new dampening system, increasing contact area to avoid unwanted vibrations and sound upon the shot.
As a result, the ULTIMA RCIII is the quietest, most consistent sight SHIBUYA has ever built!

X-Lock System US Pat No. 7,287,335

Re-adjustable, zero-tolerance fit between the windage unit and sight frame. Super-slick and durable polyacetal resin guide spacers enclose the elevation rail, re-adjustable at the turn of a set screw. All parts field-adjustable and -replaceable!

New, maximum grip dial finish

ULTIMA RCIII sights feature completely reworked dials and mounting knobs, making every adjustment delightful and enabling the user to securely tighten the mounting knob more easily and securely than ever!

Easy and reliable fine adjustments

One of the most common requests we have had is a windage fine adjustment scale. The ULTIMA RCIII sight now features a laser-engraved sight scale to make fine adjustments easier and reliable than ever!

Spec Table

Carbon Model
Mass Weight 211g
Aperture Distance(APD) MAX 255mm
MIN 90mm
Elevation Adjustment Model Screw Drive with No-Lock Quick Adjust Function
Length 132mm (approx. 5.2")
Adjustable Range 107mm
Adjustment Increments 1/24" per revolution (approx. 1mm)
1/480" per click (approx. 0.05mm)
Tilt Adjustment adjustable
Windage Adjustable Range 5.4mm
Adjustment Increments 1/32" per revolution (approx. 0.8mm)
1/640" per click (approx. 0.04mm)
Compatible Apertures No.8-32 threaded sight pins
Extension Length 233mm (approx. 9")
Adjustable Range 6.5"
(approx. 165mm)
Adjustment Increments 1/2"
(approx. 12.7mm)
Material Elevation 6000 series aluminum alloy
Windage Unit 6000 series aluminum alloy
Extension Carbon Fiber
Colors Black, Silver, Blue, Red
RH/LH available
Release Date 2022
Included Accessories Soft Sight Case
No.10-24 mount screws
Hex Wrenches 1.5mm/2.5mm/3mm
Blank sight tape
Instructions Sheet
User registration card


Product development

The ULTIMA RC sight was unveiled in 2004, striving to be “the last sight you will have to buy.” It become a hit product, and has been widely used and loved to this day, and has helped win countless competitions. The ULTIMA RCIII is the culmination of revising and intricately refining based on the feedback of archers, changes in competition style, and market demands. It includes improvements such as refinement of parts that tend to wear or suffer from play after prolonge use, balance of strength and weight, refined function, while keeping the well-regarded X-Lock system and other core technologies. As a result, ULTIMA RCIII is a sight incorporating many long-demanded changes, while keeping popular features intact as the legacy of the first ULTIMA RC sigts.
15 years have passed since the first sights featuring the X-Lock construction were announced. Since then, countless medals have been won with it, and many top archers continue using it to this day. We feel this is a testament to the superiority of the technology employed in these sights.