Rock Solid. Light Weight. 
Now featuring laser-engraved metal sight tapes!


Both sides of ULTIMA CPXIII’s elevation bar feature recessed metal sight scale plates. Each ULTIMA CPXIII includes a blank plate and reference scale. 8 double-sided sight scale plates, for a total of 16 scale options, are available sold separately. Printed sight tapes can be used on the blank plate supplied.


The Scale Magnifier mounts to the flat shelf indicator’s groove, enabling higher precision elevation adjustments than ever.
(sold separately)

ZPE SYSTEM【Patent pending】

ULTIMA CPXIII sights feature a revolutionary system eliminating backlash and play in the elevation adjustments: the ZPE system. A readjustable aluminum wedge, secured with Nord-Lock® washers, eliminates any gap between the threaded locking block and aperture block.


The new flat-shelf indicator pin on ULTIMA CPXIII sights is easy to adjust, closer to the sight tape surface than ever before, while still offering enough clearance for layered tapes. Both side pins are locked by a cap screw from the side, preventing accidental movements when locking them down!


Shibuya’s innovative Tria-Lock system keeps the scope rod approx. 1/2″ closer to the elevation bar than conventional target sights. This significantly reduces moment effected on the windage unit – a significant factor in development of play and faults!
The innovative new Tria-Lock system encloses the scope rod holder from three sides, keeping it perfectly aligned and without play to produce a rattle-free, zero-tolerance environment.

X-Lock System US Pat No. 7,287,335

Re-adjustable, zero-tolerance fit between the windage unit and sight frame. Super-slick and durable polyacetal resin guide spacers enclose the elevation rail, re-adjustable at the turn of a set screw. All parts field-adjustable and -replaceable!

Spec Table

Elevation Type 400
Extension Type 6"Carbon 9"Carbon
Mass Weight 206g 225g
Aperture Distance (APD) MAX 187mm
MIN 99mm
MAX 264mm
MIN 99mm
Elevation Adjustment Model Screw Drive with No-Lock Quick Adjust Function
Length 100mm
Adjustable Range approx.73mm
Adjustment Increments 1/24" per revolution (approx.1mm)
1/480" per click (approx.0.05mm)
Tilt Adjustment adjustable
Windage Adjustable Range approx.10mm
Adjustment Increments 1/24"  per revolution (approx.1mm)
1/480" per click (approx.0.05mm)
Compatible Scopes No.10-32 threaded scope rods
2nd、3rd Axis adjustable
Extension Length 157mm
Adjustable Range 3.5"
Adjustment Increments 1/2"
Material Elevation 6000 series aluminum alloy
Windage Unit 6000 series aluminum alloy
Extension Carbon Fiber
Colors Black, Gunmetal Silver, Blue, Red
RH/LH available
Release Date 2022
Included Accessories Soft Sight Case
Offset Bracket
No.10-24 mount screws
adjustment washers
Hex Wrenches 1.5mm/2mm/3mm
Instructions Sheet


Product development

SHIBUYA unveiled its first compound sight in 2005. Since then, the product line has evolved with the ULTIMA CPX. CPXII, and finally, the CPXIII. Since their inception, SHIBUYA’s compound sights have developed into a refined product by integrating feedback from the market, improving its usability, functionality, and versatility.
Improved over the years to address problems reported from the market, we are confident that the ULTIMA CPXIII is a product we can recommend without reservation to compound archers of all levels.



I’m very satisfied in the functionality and usability, and there are no annoying vibrations.

I won’t consider any compound sight but SHIBUYA.

The clicks are extremely smooth, making adjustments a breeze.

I like that it’s so easy to service, so I can use it longer.