Combining ultra-high modulus 90t carbon fiber with proprietary vibration damping composite technology to achieve the highest performance SHIBUYA stabilizer to date.

PRIMUS is built on a brand-new, all-custom carbon tube, strategically employing 90t ultra-high modulus carbon, even stronger than the 60t carbon used in the MZS. By placing a layer of vibration damping material between the carbon layers with proprietary technology, PRIMUS achieves outstanding vibration damping, while maintaining optimal stiffness. The rod diameter remains 14mm, achieving a balance between stiffness, wall thickness, and resistance to the influence of outside elements.
PRIMUS achieves optimal performance through all critical phases of the shot, from aiming all the way through to follow-through.

Spec Table

Lengths 30" / 28”/ 26"
15" / 12" / 11" / 10"
5" / 4" / 3"
Mass Weight 30":approx.151g / 28":approx.145g / 26":approx.137g
15":approx.88g / 12":approx.78g / 11":approx.75g
5" : approx.60g/ 4":approx.54g/ 3":approx.48g
Outer Diameter of Carbon Pipe 14mm diameter
Compatible thread sizes Bow 5/16-24 minimum thread depth 12㎜
V-Bar 5/16-24 minimum thread depth 12㎜
Weights 5/16-24 or 1/4-20
Material Bushing 2000 series Aluminum
Pipe Pitch-based 90t high modulus carbon fiber (Vibration dampening material blended into the entire length )
Color Matte Black
Release Date 2023
Included Accessories Conversion stud 5/16-1/4
Stabilizer Bag
Instructions Sheet

Stabilizer & V-Bar

Product development

PRIMUS was developed with the high-end competition segment in mind. Several prototypes were constructed based on feedback from the previous MZS model. We finally settled on a blend including 90t carbon, a higher grade than the 60t incorporated in the MZS. The entire pipe construction was rethought, resulting in an exceptionally high level of balance between stiffness, weight, and vibration damping performance. Even when compared to the MZS, PRIMUS achieves outstanding performance in stiffness and vibration damping.



First time I felt that the ‘Vibration Dampening’ actually does something!

Perfect stiffness - Stiff but not obnoxiously so.