About Products

I want to convert my ULTIMA Recurve Rest to lefthand use

ULTIMA Recurve Rests can be converted to LH by loosening the set screw, removing the support arm, and inserting it from the opposite side compared to stock direction.

Can ULTIMA Recurve Rests be reused after removing them from the riser?

ULTIMA Recurve Rests can be reused on multiple risers. We recommend using the official 3M replacement tape from SHIBUYA. Using a 3rd party tape may result in improper function of the rest.

Are the sight blocks from ULTIMA Recurve and Compound sights interchangeable?

ULTIMA sights use the same elevation shape for both Recurve and Compound sights. This means that all sight blocks are interchangeable, even for older models.
*The sight blocks provided with sights are tuned for ideal operation on the included elevation bar. Due to manufacturing tolerances, the X-Lock may require readjustment to fit on a different elevation bar to assure optimal function.

About Repair

What is the warranty policy for SHIBUYA products

SHIBUYA products include warranty for one year from initial purchase. Warranty is limited to initial purchase customer. Warranty only covers manufacturing defects, damage incurred through improper use, external damage, overtightening, improper storage etc is exempt. Please refer to product manual for instruction on safe and correct use.

My sight is making noises upon the shot.

Prolonged use may result in screws loosening and play resulting from worn parts. Please contact your local archery pro-shop about overhauling your SHIBUYA sight.


Please wipe with a dry cloth and dry your equipment thoroughly after using it in the rain or otherwise getting it wet. Please note that letting equipment dry without wiping off water may result in buildup of dirt inside the equipment.

Are SHIBUYA parts available separately?

Almost all parts are available separately. Please contact your local archery pro-shop about purchasing parts.

I do not have a local pro-shop. Where can I purchase SHIBUYA products and parts?

Please see the Where to Buy section on this website for a list of licensed SHIUBUYA dealers and distributors.