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【Patent pending】

Developed in cooperation with Japanese leading sports manufacturer MIZUNO, MZS is SHIBUYA's most sophisticated stabilizer system to date.

MZS is composed of aircraft-grade, high elasticity 60t carbon fiber to achieve exceptional rigidity, and incorporates vibration damping material weaved into the carbon layers of the stabilizer pipe. This enables it to achieve exceptional damping properties while maintaining its high rigidity.
At the same time, its slim 14mm diameter minimizes the effects of outside influences such as wind drag. Experience outstanding performance from aiming to follow through, made possible by the state-of-the-art carbon technology incorporated in MZS.


image 1 The ULTIMA EXTENDER combines SHIBUYA’s proven DirectLink construction with High Modulus carbon to achieve an optimal level of stiffness.


Lengths 30" / 28”/ 26"
15" / 12" / 11" / 10"
Mass Weight 30":approx.139g / 28":approx.132g / 26":approx.126g
15":approx.88g / 12":approx.78g / 11":approx.75g / 10":approx.72g
Outer Diameter of Carbon Pipe 14mm diameter
Compatible thread sizes Bow 5/16-24 minimum thread depth 12㎜
V-Bar 5/16-24 minimum thread depth 12㎜
Weights 5/16-24 or 1/4-20
Material Bushing 2000 series Aluminum
Pipe Pitch-based 60t high modulus carbon fiber (front end blended with viscoelastic body )
Construction ZONE DAMPING construction utilizing viscoelastic body 【Patent pending】
Color Matte Black
Release Date 2020
Included Accessories Conversion stud 5/16-1/4
ULTIMA Stabilizer Bag
Instructions Sheet

ULTIMA Extender

Size 6" / 5" / 4" / 3"
Mass Weight 6":approx.63g / 5":approx.57g / 4":approx.51g / 3":approx.45g
Outer Diameter of Carbon Pipe 18㎜ diameter
Compatible thread sizes Bow 5/16-24 minimum thread depth 12㎜
V-Bar 5/16-24 maximum thread length 12㎜
Material Bushing 2000 series aluminum alloy
Pipe PAN High Modulus Carbon Fiber
Direct Link 2000 series aluminum
Construction Direct Link Construction
Color Matte Black
Release Date 2020
Included Accessories 17×12 Spanner Wrench
ULTIMA Stabilizer Bag
Instructions Sheet

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Product Information


image カルノ スタビライザー

CARUNO makes no compromise!

Vari-Blend Carbon –balancing lightness with rigidity–

image 3 CARUNO features a unique stabilizer shaft construction, which features carbon blends of varying elastic moduli, placed strategically to maximize performance. The base of the long rod, which demands high stiffness, is strengthened by high modulus carbon fibers to reduce overall vibration, while the tip area features a blend of slightly lower modulus material to drastically reduce vibration traveling back down the rod.
Combined with the DDST construction, this gives CARUNO the solidity and vibration absorption properties high level archers desire.
Long Rod and Side Rod employ individually optimized carbon blends, offering superior vibration absorption and stiffness, while reducing torsional rigidity for optimal shooting feeling.
The V-Bar Extender shaft features high torsional rigidity and stiffness, firmly supporting V-Bar, Long Rod and Side Rods.

Spine tuning –optimized volume distribution–

image 3 CARUNO Stabilizer's Dual Diameter Spine Tuning (DDST) construction enabled us to dramatically reduce the mass weight of the stabilizer rod without sacrificing its strength, by varying the inner diameter of the rod at the base and weight end.

image 3 Long Rod features a higher wall thickness at the stabilizer base, which requires the highest stability. The weight end of the shaft, which experiences a lower amount of stress upon the shot, features a reduced diameter, drastically reducing the weight of the rod.

Direct Link

The CARUNO V-Bar Extenders feature SHIBUYA's popular Direct Link System. An Aluminum "connecting rod" is inserted inside the carbon pipe, creating an incredibly strong bond between the end bushings, and offering unbeatable stiffness. Just like Shibuya's world-famous sight systems, CARUNO Stabilizers are produced in Japan to meticulous quality standards.

Available in all major lengths

CARUNO Stabilizers are available in the following lengths:
Long Rod 26", 28" 30" (incl. 1 Flat weight and 1 Cap weight)
Side Rod: 10", 11", 12" (sold in pairs, incl. 1 Cap weight)
V-Bar Extender: 3", 4", 5", 6" (Extender includes Stabilizer/Plunger Spanner – available separately)
Available weight modules: Flat (32g), Cap (40g), "Flat Light" (28g), Half Cap (28g) (Flat Light and Half Cap not compatible with some 3rd party dampers or weights)

Five attractive colors

CARUNO Stabilizers are available in Black, Blue, Red, White, and the brand new Black/Pink color option! (3" Extender only available in black)

SHIBUYA Stabilizer cover

Soft fabric cover with Velcro closure.
Available for long rod and side rods.

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Product Information


image SHIBUYA recurve V-BAR CARUNO


Ultra light 47g (1.66oz)! [*1]Redefining weight distribution

image 3 Mass weight roughly half that of conventional V-bars enables the archer to attach more weights to the far ends of the stabilizers, making possible a setting that distributes weight away from the riser. Reducing the weight of the V-bar opens the door for unlimited choice of stabilization systems and finer balance adjustment than ever before!

*1: Includes V-Bar Bolt

A multifaceted form offering the ultimate in functionality and beauty

image 3 Lightness and functionality – realized in a beautiful multifaceted shape. All but the necessary material to offer optimal durability has been shaved off, resulting in a beautiful, geometrically complex shape.

Utilizing the newest breed of highest strength aluminum alloy

image 3 Caruno V-Bar's Attachment Bolt uses a brand-new alloy that offers even higher strength than the commonly used super-tough A7075. Precision CNC machining enabled us to realize this complex form, weighing only 1/3 of a conventional stainless steel V-bar bolt.

*2: CNC (Computer Numerical Control): computerized automation of machine tools such as milling machines.

Secure attachment by spanner

Caruno V-Bar includes a spanner for tightening the V-Bar Bolt, enabling solid attachment without the slipping and turning involved with using a wrench.

Compatible Stabilizers Thread size: 5/16-24
Thread length up to 12mm
Included Accessories Protective cloth cover for V-Bar and Extender, Spanner
Color Gun Metal Grey,Black (including V-Bar Bolt)
Side Rod Angles 40°or  45°

Very wide extenders and side rods may not be able to be attached simultaneously.
Please contact your nearest Archery Pro Shop or SHIBUYA for more details.

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