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07.02 2018

Statement concerning sales of SHIBUYA Products on Taobao

SHIBUYA has confirmed the circulation of counterfeit products on the e-commerce site Taobao.
By this statement, we reaffirm decisively that no vendor on this platform is being directly supplied by SHIBUYA, official SHIBUYA distributors have been instructed not to sell on Taobao.

SHIBUYA products sold on Taobao bear a high risk of being counterfeit.
Counterfeit products are not covered by warranty in any way, and SHIBUYA cannot bear responsibility for accidents or damage caused by the use of such products.
Legitimate archery retailers purchase SHIBUYA equipment either directly, or via one of our regional distributors, who can supply qualified service and parts when needed.
A list of official SHIBUYA dealers and distributors can be found here:

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8.30 2012

Team SHIBUYA dominates London!

London was a worthy host to the Summer Games in 2012, putting on what many praised as one of the best organized and most exciting Games of all times.
The archery competition was conducted at Lords' Cricket Ground, arguably the most famous venue for the popular sport. The significance of the venue was especially apparent when British archers entered the grounds!

As in previous Games, SHIBUYA completely dominated when it came to sights and other accessories: Over half of the overall competitors were shooting with SHIBUYA sights, more than 3 times the nearest competitor brand!
But as opposed to the Olympic motto, taking part wasn't everything for Team SHIBUYA - They were in it for the win!

The Ranking Round brought several triumphs already: IM Dong Hyun, one of the most decorated archers on the field, set a world record with an amazing 699 points. He was joined by his team mates - including ULTIMA RC shooter KIM Bubmin - to claim the top three places, establishing a new team world record at 2087.
Rounding out the top five were local hero Larry GODFREY, using his ULTIMA RC, CARUNO V-bar and ULTIMA Rest to mark a strong 680 points, and FURUKAWA Takaharu at 679.
In the ladies' Ranking Round, ULTIMA RC Shooters KI Bo Bae and LEE Sung Jin both marked a 671, only 2 off the Olympic record of 673.

The Elimination brought many upsets, and Larry GODFREY wasn't safe - he was eliminated in 1/8 by a Malaysian archer also using an ULTIMA RC. Also eliminated were bookies' favourite and ULTIMA Recurve Rest Shooter Brady Ellison and brand new World Record holder IM.
When the dust settled, Team SHIBUYA was two medals richer, FURUKAWA having claimed the silver and DAI from China the silver.
In the women's individual finals, two mexican archers claimed the silver and KI the gold - all with ULTIMA RC sights.

The team competition was no less successful for Team SHIBUYA, claiming two medals in men's competition, and all 9 of the women's!

Congratulations to all successful archers competing in the Games, many of which are headed to our home town
next - for the World Cup Final in Tokyo, Japan!

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8.8 2012

Individual and Mixed Team Gold Medalists in Torino! Discover SHIBUYA's 2012 Product Catalog

Discover SHIBUYA's 2012-2013 Catalog, introducing the new CARUNO Recurve V-bar! All products in the catalog are available NOW at your local archery pro-shop!

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10.7 2011

SHIBUYA Recurve V-bar CARUNO: Redefining Weight Distribution!

Weighing only a miniscule 47g (1.66oz), SHIBUYA's new CARUNO V-Bar allows you more freedom in your stabilizer setup than ever before! Click the image above for more information! Available at an archery pro shop near you soon!

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